What will we do in the workshop?
You will create your very own custom organic body cream

How long is the class?
1.5-2 hours so please arrive on time. NOT EARLY but on time

I wanted to participate in a workshop, but it won't allow me to purchase a ticket?
We close registration 24 hours before each workshop

Can I walk-in and register for a workshop?
No. Registration is required at least 24 hours in advance of any workshop

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope, just a scent in mind & a creative name for your body cream

Can I bring my child with me?
Unfortunately No, it will be distracting to you and the other guests 

When will I be able to use my cream?
Typically in 4-5 hours once your cream has solidified. I suggest letting it sit over night to cool.

How long will my cream last?
That depends on how much & often you use it.

Can I reschedule?
Yes, but in order to do so, you need to email us at You will be able to register for the next up coming class that is at least 7 days away. You will ONLY be allowed ONE (1) reschedule. If you do not show for that workshop, you will be charged $15 per person to reschedule.  ​

Can I transfer my seat?
If you can't make it to a workshop and wish to gift your seat to someone else, please email us.

What if I missed my class?
If you do not show up for a class for any reason your class registration is NON-REFUNDABLE. You must register for another workshop. You will ONLY be allowed one (1) reschedule. If you do not show for that workshop, you will be charged $15 per person to reschedule.

I need to reschedule my Groupon

I can't make the class how do I get a refund?
As stated in the Studio Policies, we DO NOT issue refunds unless the class is canceled. If you purchased through Groupon, you will need to contact them to have your refund issued.
The weather is really bad, how will I know if class is canceled?
In any case that a workshop is canceled due of inclement weather an email will be sent out at least two (2) hours in advance. The email will allow you to request a refund or reschedule.

I wanted to do a Mommy & Me, how old does my daughter have to be?

I bought a Groupon and I'm having trouble I redeeming it?
You might be using the wrong code. See how to redeem your Groupon
I'm trying to redeem my Groupon Voucher and it's still giving me a balance?
Your Groupon has EXPIRED. Vouchers are only good at the Promotional discount price for 90 days from the date of purchase but you do not lose the amount you actually paid. 

I have a Private Party scheduled, when can I get in to set up?
1/2hr before your party. You are not allowed to put anything on our walls or ceiling but balloons and table clothes are welcome 

There's an additional $30 on my party booking, what is that?
This a cleanup fee

Can I bring food & drinks for my party?
Yes, but food can only be consumed before or after the workshop. Not during

Do you provide paper goods & utensils?
We will not provide anything for your party, even if catered. Plate, utensils, cups and napkins are your responsibility

Can I bring alcohol to my party?
I purchased a Buy 1 get 1, How do I redeem it?
Present your receipt at the time of your 1st workshop with BODYLOVE as the coupon code printed on it and you will be emailed a Voucher code to schedule your next workshop.

How many people can I have in my party?
40 (max at Pikesville) ; 25 (max at Crofton)

Are there any age requirements to host a party at the Studio?
Yes, we don't host parties for individuals under the age of 10

When do I pay the balance of my party?
Any remaining balance must be paid THE DAY BEFORE your party

What if more people show up than I originally booked for?
Hey, we get it not everyone is good at RSVPing. If more than the original amount show up, they WILL NOT be able to participate, but are welcome to stay and enjoy you and your other guests.  Your final balance will be based on everyone over the 10 person minimum that shows up for your party and have not paid in advance.