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Cucumber + Mint

Cucumber + Mint

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We've got your skin covered. 

Our Alcohol-Free Cucumber + Mint Facial Toner is made of Cucumber Hydrosol with a splash of refreshing mint. It gently balances and tones dry and sensitive skin. This formula is the mildest of our toners. Leave skin feeling soft and hydrated with our Cucumber + Mint toner for dry skin and sensitive skin.

For Your Skin

cucumber hydrosol, peppermint essential oil, & vitamin e

How to use

after cleansing, saturate cotton pad and sweep over face and neck.

For your Nose

light, refreshing peppermint essential oil



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Our Goal

is to provide high-quality, minimally processed products that help individuals suffering from dry, sensitive skin conditions. We are committed to minimizing our imprint on the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    We obtain our raw materials from suppliers that are socially and environmentally responsible

  • Skin-Food

    Our products are crafted to give your skin the nutrients it’s been missing

  • Minimally Processed

    We use as little heat as possible to ensure that our ingredients maintain their integrity

  • Organic

    We use certified organic products*

The Difference

Quality ingredients + Minimally processed = Healthy skin